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Q. How many lessons do I need?
A. This depends purely on what you wish learn. Each lesson can only cover a number of skills and techniques. If you are merely looking to learn something specific, then one lesson would be enough. If you are looking to improve your general skills over time, then perhaps one 1 month would suit you.

Q. How long is each lesson?
A. A standard course could last as long as 5 to 6 hours. The first half an hour would plan and explain what is about to happen. But the entire lesson is a very relaxed and social one. You may have guests you need to entertain.
You will not be expected to slave in the kitchen for the entire duration of the course. But remember, you are expected to participate; it is after all, a lesson.
An “Appetiser” lesson will typically last 2-3 hours. There will be no prepared menu, so it will be more spontaneous.

Q. How much will it cost me?
A. See tariffs. The only other cost is the cost of the food, which can vary immensely depending upon the quality of goods you buy. As you are responsible for purchasing the ingredients, you can choose a quality that suits your budget.

Q. How many people can take part in the lesson?
A. How big is your kitchen? As long as it is a safe environment 2 or 3 is fine.

Q. What sort of equipment do I need?
A. During the introductory meeting, I will see what equipment you have, and I will typically bring anything else that’s required along with me. A kitchen only needs the most basic of equipment.
For the 'Appetiser', I will bring along my own equipment, and what equipment we have between us will help us decide what we shall make.

Q. How early do I need to book?

A. The earlier the better - there is only one of me!

Q. How far do you travel?
A. In general I travel in zones 1 and 2. Other London zones may incur an additional charge for travel. I also travel abroad, but only for longer courses.

Q. I’m not sure I can spend 5 hours cooking.
A. You won’t be required to! You can entertain your guests. It’s your lesson, and the amount you participate depends on how much you wish to learn. But remember, these lessons are for people with an interest in food and learning techniques. You will be expected to participate to some degree in the lesson.

Q. Can I chose the type of cuisine?
A. My speciality in in French cusine, but I can also offer many others.

Q. How long is the initial meeting?
A. This is typically about 30 minutes. We will be discussing food, what you like and don’t like. We will also look at your kitchen, and see what equipment you have available, and what I shall bring along with me.

Q. Can you supply any of the ingredients?
A. I can supply some of the ingredients, things you may have difficultly acquiring. But you will be supplied with a classified and complete list of ingredients, and you are responsible for buying these, I can recommend a number of suppliers and markets.


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