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Nic Rascle has appeared in the press for his chef skills:
Full page review in London-Eating, the on-line restaurants and catering guide. March 2005
An earlier review at start-up, in London-Eating. May 2004,

Customer reviews
Here are some testimonials received from recent clients:

"Charismatic, professional, and French! It is obvious that Nic loves food, and his passion comes across in his cooking. I went for a quick meal tuition, and Nic showed me how to make a tasty meal quicker than I could wash the dishes! His knowledge of herbs, spices and ethnic diets was phenomenal, and his enthusiasm for cooking is contagious. Even if you don’t like cooking, Nic still makes the experience fun and educational."
- Tariq Hameed

'It was a rainy and grey autumn afternoon in London, slowly wrapping up in dark and misty colors of the evening. By then I was yet unaware that the course of this evening would change so dramatically and remain in my memory as an explosion of the colorful bouquet of tastes and smells, excellent food and wine, and a premium service of an energetic and charming French chef. Looking at Nic throughout the evening, I could not stop being amused by how inspirationally he was turning the cooking process into the real art. We started with traditionally French canapés, followed by mouthwatering seafood, exotic vegetables and premium meats... Nic managed to accommodate for each and every taste in my household, which ranges from convicted meat lovers to stern vegetarians and semi-Atkins followers. It was a true celebration of food 'with a touch of high professionalism' and simply a good evening in I would gladly recommend to everyone. Thank you Nic for warming it up!' Merci Beaucoup!
- Julia Svereva

“A truly amazing experience. Nic has the most energetic personality and before I even picked up a knife, I was enjoying the experience. His professionalism emanates in every action he makes in the kitchen, you can tell you are with a true professional, and because of the way he interacts with you, you quickly learn amazing skills.
Despite loving food, I had never actually prepared a meal before, but after 1 lesson I was left imagining the exquisite meals I could prepare in the future with the skills that I had learnt.
Jamie Oliver eat your heart out!! If Michelin gave out stars to such people, he’d certainly be award one!”
- Robert Maye

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